“My dance is a sacred poem in which each movement is a word and whose every word is underlined by music. The temple in which I dance can be vague or faithfully reproduced, for I am the temple.”

Mata Hari


Welcome to Anath Nagendra’s site!

Are you curious about my work, but doesn’t understand Brazilian Portuguese? Here you can read about it, a little at least, in English. My writing is a little bit rusty, so please ignore any grammatical or orthographical mistake. You can also translate the entire page or site with Google Translate, which you can find just below, in the page’s foot.

Who am I?

Anath Nagendra is my artistic/stage name (its pronunciation is like “anát”, with the “th” as a mute “t”, and “naguêndra”, with the “g” as “gu” in “guess” – but the “á” is an open vowel, while “ê” is closed), but you can call me by my real name too, Ana. Greetings!

I’m a Brazilian belly dancer, born in august 1989, who practices both Traditional belly dance and Tribal Fusion belly dance since 2012 (more or less). I’m a performer, teacher, researcher and experimenter of this two styles, specially Tribal Fusion. I informally practice Raja Yoga, Taijiquan (Yang style) and meditation in many ways. Besides, my dance and projects also includes a lot of theoretical concepts and other things of my spiritual and esoteric practices.

About this site

You can find videos and photos of my work (see Portfolio), and also a lot of information about me, my job and my thoughts related with dance and other perspectives. Classes, workshops, blog with all sort of themes, a store with items made by me, a on-line studio… all in here!

My work and interests

I like to say that I’m interested in all aspects of dance – either just a physical activity, a therapeutic one or to bring out your feminine and glamorous side – but I confess that are a perspective more attractive to me: dance as creative expression, as internal discovery path, as spiritual ritual, as esoteric tool.

I often woven my studies, life and experiences in dance, in a way or another. My style is very close to Temple/Ritualistic Tribal Fusion, but my approach is a bit different, frequently more internal in significance than a visible ritualistic expression. Because of this, I named my dance as “Dharma Fusion“, for it is a tool for my spiritual path (dharma).

Amongst the subjects that I mix with dance is psychology (predominantly junguian), spirituality (predominantly buddhist) and ocultism (a huge fusion between many things, with a Chaos Magick vibe).

My Curriculum and experience

I started learning belly dancing in summer of 2012, and Tribal came not long after. I loved it so much that I decided to do this as a way of living and job. I did Formation courses of Traditional Belly Dance with Brysa Mahaila, Tribal Fusion with Joline Andrade and Raja Yoga in ABYOGA school. I also did others activities related with traditional BD, Tribal dance, ATS®, and I continue my studies and researches with dance, yoga and other activities mostly through online classes (such Datura Online), youtube videos and DVDs. When possible, I participate in festivals and events and study with the presential teachers.

However, my academic formation is a (under?)graduation degree in Biology and a Master degree in Paleontology, both by UFRGS, the federal university of Rio Grande do Sul.

I hope that you enjoy the site and my work. I’m committed to improve my abilities and art, both to grow as person and artist and to offer a good entertainment, knowledge and tools for the public interested in spirituality and esoterism.

If you have any doubts or curiosity, just contact me for any media (e-mail, Facebook, etc.)!